23 February: Oops

Hey guys guess what’s up? I made a big careless mistake hahahahaha! So right, I was going through or maybe stalking I would say on Instagram, and isn’t an Instagram story way more interesting than pictures? So I had been viewing this particular person’s Instagram story without knowing that the person could see that I’m actually viewing their story……. I just downloaded Instagram not even a week back, come on, spare me from this embarrassment…… Hahahaha, hopefully I didn’t affect anyone…. I’m such a loser but I stopped after knowing that I’ve been spotted long ago. Well o well, what a dummy I am. It never crossed my mind, I’m just too engrossed in viewing that story hahahaha but fine I should stop interfering someone else’s life.

Alright, was saying that I had a topic to talk about but it is really a very troublesome and long one and I can’t feel it today so…. sooner or later but not now alright. Sorry about that, I apologize

Today was another school day after 2 days of holiday, but I spent it working so not really a holiday. Gotta work hard for what I want. Be it money, knowledge or anything. If you think that success comes easy, you are not gonna get anywhere. It will definitely be hard and rough, you want it, you work for it. Simple right? But sad for see many of our generation is leaning towards the easy route. And depending on anyone they could find and help them with everything. I believe in being independent, sooner or later we have to be. Your mum isn’t gonna pay your taxes for you, YOU are the one going to do that. Glad that I am somehow independent, not very very independent but I would say a little. Not trying to show off or anything but I work hard to live the life I want. Not trying to act cool or anything but I pay for my phone bill and transport fare. Luxuries like new clothes and all? I pay them all by myself. I never liked the idea of getting money from my hardworking mum that is supporting the family, not just me. I know how hard it is to work, I know how easy it is to spend. And it hurts to see how many people are living off their parents and not thinking a bit for them at all. Who wouldn’t like to have a day out and spend all the want without looking at the price tags? But at the same time, your parents are looking at how much they are left with and how much more they have to earn to keep your fat*ss well fed with nice clothes and shelter at the same time, while you just spend their hard-earned money like water. Water that flows out of the tap and down the sink then gone forever.

After all this is my expectations of people of the same age. Expectation. Another big problem. Do you guys know that expectation is a huge humongous largest we have? No right? Now you know. Let me explain further. The other day I was reading through The Four Noble Truths, I learned. Life is not ideal, it frequently fails to live up to our expectations. Many of us are suffering because of our expectation about how life is going to be, how things are going to be and how everything should be.

This world and life, isn’t going to change it to the way we want it. We have to change and adapt to it. Our expectations are nothing but a piece of useless sh*t to the world. When you learn to stop expecting, you learn to stop suffering from sadness, disappointments and anger. Just do whatever you want, instead of expecting someone else to do it for you. And when they don’t do it, you get disappointed and hurt and you suffer. It’s your life, your choices and decisions, if that is what you want then go get what you want! No one is stopping you, even if there is, don’t let them! There is no such thing as fear unless you think it exist. To me, it doesn’t. It is a waste of time and a stupid thing. Don’t you guys think so? Fear of the judgement, expectation, people and society… You living for you right? So why bother?

I just learned all of these a few days back, glad to be sharing it with all of you guys. I’m not the wisest or oldest but I like sharing too so I do it because I want to. Thanks for reading guys, really appreciate all of ya!!


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