21 February

Hi guys!!! How’s your day going? Fine? Not fine? Doesn’t matter, you will be fine. Time will help you to get back up on your feet and eventually you’ll be fine! Oh wait, only if you allow yourself to be fine, because your mindset matters most. It is all up to yourself, controlling your mind or let it control you.

Alright didn’t mean to be so serious but just sharing some words hahaha, chill out guys! I am very very sleepy but I couldn’t let myself sleep without completing my diary…. Actually I was writing halfway but I realized what I was writing is going to be a very long and deep topic/story so I decided to save it for tomorrow or the day after because I am not sober…. I am very sleepy and drunk, sleep drunk, not drunk, get it?

Okay cool moving on, today was really normal day for me. Went to work early in the morning, around 7am and all the way till 5pm. No idea why I am so tired today, just feeling sore everywhere and sleepy….. Was falling asleep awhile ago while writing the initial post for today but didn’t allow myself to do so because I have a diary to update. Not gonna be lazy or sloppy, I’m changing and will change. I sound so motivated right???? I am.

So after work I took the bus home and suddenly it started raining, YAY! I love the rain, I just love it. Even though the rain didn’t allow me to go home without getting drenched but I still love the rain. So instead of going home straight drenched I went to walk around, walking into shops to see if there’s anything I need. Had a lot of debate with myself, asking myself whether I really need it when I see something that interest me, super saver attitude guys do learn some of it from me to avoid bankruptcy hahaha. Didn’t get anything in the end because I have all my needs already so I went to have my dinner. Found a Thai stall, kinda shocked because I didn’t know when it appeared, I guess things really change and changes fast. So of course I had to try it right, ordered a plate of minced meat with rice, I’m sure there’s a name for that dish but I’m sorry I have no idea what is that dish’s name hahahaha. Enjoyed it, it was delicious for me. Who wouldn’t enjoy a plate of Thailand? Then before I went back home got like 2 packets or bread to prepare for breakfast. Said to be the most important meal of the day, b r e a k f a s t. Be sure to have your breakfast daily to avoid any funky gastric pain alright, be good listen to mama and have your breakfast hahahaha! Seriously though, I’m sure we are all rushing to work or school but just grab a piece of bread or something, it is better than nothing. I care for you guys alright, thank you if you do care for me too and I’m sorry if I mistaken that you care for me hahahaha. Take good care of yourselves and just be happy, don’t worry!

I find this a little pointless now because I’m not concentrating at all even though I’m trying my best. I feel like the content is getting real shitty. I should stop here for today…………. Sorry guys, just wasted like 5 minutes of your time reading this pointless post. But still appreciate you guys!!!

Jal Ja!


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